Trust Hunter

Trust Hunter

In an ever-changing world, businesses need to have deeper insight about their reputation and the actions that impact it. And given the speed of change, they need this now, in real-time. But today only crude analysis tools exist. We’re here to change that.

Interface design:
– Login
– Query creation
– Analysis

The world’s first real-time trust monitor. Introducing ‘Trust Hunter’. Academically rooted. Deep learning powered. Commercially applied.

A breakthrough strategic tool for enterprise level businesses. Offering never seen before metrics of insane value. Trust Hunter is able to decode the language of trust at unimaginable speed and scale, with unprecedented accuracy. And while our current prototypes analyse content from Twitter, we are currently integrating analysis from every news source or domain – wherever our clients are talked about publicly.

Of course, if we can measure trust we can also measure any concept relevant to a brand’s reputation. Trust Hunter brings all this together, so you can understand not only how trust is performing, but how other aspects of your reputation, such as how you’re perceived as innovators, or how your actions impact your position as a leader. Anything you want. In real time.

Trust Hunter is currently in private beta and will be launching publicly Summer 2020.

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