At Texture we believe that AI can help create a better world. We believe that the combination of human and machine learning has the power to transform our lives for the better by informing better decision making by governments, companies, and people.

As a company at the forefront of the growing AI revolution, we believe it is our responsibility to help see that happen. The focus of our technology is therefore not to replace human decision making, but to aid it.

However, to effectively do that, we need to ensure that our technology is as unbiased and transparent as possible. We also have a responsibility to ensure that the ends to which our technology is put agree with our vision for a better world.

We therefore will:

– Build-human monitored AI systems.
– Build AI systems which provide actionable insight not misinformation.
– Endeavour to reduce/eliminate bias in our models and data.
– Commit to a diverse workplace.
– Endeavour to build transparent, interpretable AI systems.

And we will not:

– Use AI to target marginalised or vulnerable people.
– Work with customers whose values we do not agree with.
– Use any data, ever, without informed consent.
– Change this policy.